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Created by STERNLINES co-founder Michael Norcia; Forewind Golf products combine decades of passion in the golf industry with a clean and simple design from sustainably reclaimed materials. Golf is a fully immersive experience and one of the most fascinating walks you can take. We are proud to be the first golf manufacturer in the world to create a full line of golf bags and accessories made 100% from reclaimed sails and boating canvas!  

Sails are literally “made for the wind”. Their overall durability and tensile strength make them the perfect reclaimed material for stylish golf accessories. They are quick-drying, lightweight, and most importantly rugged.  

Your Forewind Golf product begins in a sail loft in the Northeast!  The raw sail is shipped to us at the end of its competitive racing life! Its measured, cleaned, cut and shaped, resulting in the most character filled pieces for production. We use a sail’s inherent character as a guide to transform a product that is stylish and unique with pure functionality for the links.

The material soon enters the hands of our expert stitchers and embroiderers here in Maine and New Hampshire, who pay meticulous attention to detail to hand craft your final purchase!

What ends up at your doorstep is truly a perfect storm of creativity, sustainability and simplicity. We are proud that our entire reclaimed product offering is thoughtfully designed, developed and shipped from start to finish by hand for you the individual golfer. Every product is truly one of a kind and can’t be replicated…just like each of our individual golf swings.

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