The Rev  |  Fairway Cover
The Rev  |  Fairway Cover
The Rev  |  Fairway Cover

The Rev | Fairway Cover

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Formally presenting the Forewind Collection of driver head covers! We all could use a favorable gust of wind (forewind) both on the water and on the golf course! Our Forewind Golf Collection is made from 100% reclaimed up cycled sails and boating canvas and made to last! Each driver head cover comfortably fits all 460cc drivers along with smaller 400cc drivers. Each head cover is one of a kind and measures approximately 12.5 inches tall by 5.5 to 6 inches wide! All head covers are lined with extra soft fleece and elastic to keep your driver head pristine! 


Made from:

· 100% reclaimed/ up cycled sail/ boat canvas

· Made from boat and sail cloth, our head covers are water resistant
· Oversized to fit all 460cc Drivers
· Fleece lined 

Care Instructions:
· Stand dry after a soaking rain! 
· Do not bleach
· Tumble dry