Pool & Pond (15 Pouches)

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This group of zippered valuable pouches are made from retired sails.They are a perfect  pouch to hold your important electronics and documents or gloves in your golf bag. Handcrafted here on the Maine coast they includes quality leather square cut tabbing for easy open and repeated/ reliable use.


Made from:

  • 100% reclaimed sails
  • Embroidered in dark green "We have a pool, and a pond. The pond would be good for you."


  • Black Zipper / Black Leather/ Black/ Gunmetal Pull
  • 12’ X 6” in size for maximum depth of  4”
  • Quantity 15 @ $28 per pouch = $420.00


Care Instructions:

  • Stand dry after a soaking rain! 

*** PLEASE NOTE: Individual pouches will vary slightly in pattern as each pouch is made from retired sail materials.